E3: UTV Ignition: The Art of "Dragon's Crown" (

The art in this game is bright,crisp, fluid, and hypnotically beautiful. It would be criminal for me not to post the concept art. Below you can find a gallery of art from the game. I have a feeling we will see some “Sorcerer” cosplays in the future. Set for a 2012 release they gave me one more reason needs to own a Playstation Vita.

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zeal0us2734d ago

sorceress definitely going to draw attention.
would be surprise some clueless person go make a petition against the game on change . org

miyamoto2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Machine Gun Jubblies!

Oh Behave!

Yeah Baby!

Dragon's Crown will be an awesome place holder to play on my PS3 while I wait for Guardian Heroes HD timed exclusivity to were off.

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