Is Capcom Now Picking on the PS3?

Capcom and Sony aren't exactly B.F.F. Former precieved exclusives like Devil May Cry 4 have gone multi-platform, while the next Monster Hunter game is sidestepping the PS3 for the Wii. Things are kinda prickly, it seems. Last week, Wii title Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure went on sale in Japan. (Did you get it?) A survey was included with the Japanese version that asked consumers what genre they like (RPG, Sports, Adventure, etc.) and what consoles they own. Let's take a closer look at that. Below is an English translation of the second to last bracket:

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Darkiewonder4870d ago

What kind of slip of survey is that when every other survey list its own platform? [Even IF it comes WITH the game FOR that system]? Blasphemy!

rushbd4870d ago

and spend some times there. It'll be clear like water that both kotaku and gizmodo are both pure xbox 360 fans. In Gizmodo you wont find a single article that doest mention Halo 3. Yes this is 100% truth. And if you try to post a comment that is not inline with xbox 360 they wont publish it.

wageslave4870d ago

"kotaku and gizmodo are both pure xbox 360 fans"

Are you doing drugs? Kotaku is a japano-phile, and holds Microsoft in contempt at every opportunitiy (not just the xbox). Gizmodo is the same, except that they are Apple Cultists. Neither has a pro-Microsoft (or Xbox 360) editorial agenda.

lawman11084870d ago

And it AINT on the PS3 BUMP THAT

gamesblow4870d ago

Grabbing at straws much, Kotaku? Oh, it's Kotaku afterall... hahaah. Capcom and Sony just entered into a deal for a Resident Evil CG movie. I doubt Capcom is hating too much on Sony right now. Run away with this story, though. It makes for good bais

MK_Red4870d ago

Wow, with PSone, DreamCast and others being on the list but no PS3, it obviously means Capcom doesn't care much about PS3 and its fans at all.

mighty_douche4870d ago

the story is BS. i cant see a company that just signed a multi million pound deal with sony to produce a new RE movie and then turn their back on sonys gaming devision.

oh of topic, dude at my place of work lost 3 fingers yesterday, blood everywhere, thought you might like that, it was defo M rated.

ruibing4870d ago

This could just be a postcard printed before the Wii and PS3 hit the market.

b777conehead4870d ago

that list was proply a old survey since no ps3 and wii. witch makes since. since the ps3 and wii came out at the same time .just another way people bash the the title of this article

mighty_douche4870d ago


business's do the best for them selves, if sony offer capcom something good they'll take it, same as if any other company offered.

companies arent fanboys, they dont let biased and brand loyalty cloud their judgement.

nix4870d ago

they missed out last time (didn't rate RnC less than 8), so they also want the piece of the pie (internet traffic).

but one thing is for sure, only PS3 can garner such attention. q:

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