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R_aVe_N3308d ago

I a few games I will be picking up this week 8). Man I am going to be so behind on my downloaded games(worse than what I was). Still haven't had time to play the other 4 I downloaded last week lol.

malamdra3308d ago

what happened to the MK classic costume pack? is out on PSN already?

jrisner3308d ago

It came out last Tuesday the 7th

Electroshocked3307d ago

Ok, why isn't there a Cole McGrath avatar, or any InFamous avatars, I mean come on there's a Haze avatar, why not release some InFamous avatars or a Cole McGrath avatar?

the_best_player3307d ago

Cool I need some more PSP games on the move.
Im thinking of getting a metal case to like this one.

Ravenor3308d ago

Streets of Rage 2, awesome.

nnotdead3307d ago

i'm not going to lie, free Streets of Rage 2 really makes me think hard about keeping Plus after the free trial.

Surfaced3308d ago

Beyond Good & Evil has become quite overdue...

At least Outland is finally available.

FredEffinChopin3307d ago

I don't understand what there is to disagree with... The game is, as you say, quite overdue.

knowledge4lfe3308d ago

WHERE IS BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL HD??? why can't they give us a damn update. such unproffesional bullspit. how much longer are we gonna have to wait. it's on the european stores. why the hell not the US store?

sazzrah3307d ago

Welcome to our world. lol! In Europe we often have to suffer in silence as stuff is released on the US store and then either doesn't ever appear or months later on the EU store.

It sucks, so I feel your pain.

PS3pwnz3307d ago

Lol guys! I live in South Africa. I'm surprised when they even update the PSN store here. XD

Taz Yamauchi3307d ago

I don't know if it depends on which part of South Africa you are but I'm also from South Africa, Capetown and all those games are available in the store from my side

PS3pwnz3307d ago

@Taz Yamauchi
They do update the store, but the games available are vastly different to the selection overseas. <:' (

nevin13308d ago

do i get to keep the discounted games after the 30 day PS+ is over

ApexHell3308d ago

yes the ones you purchased

nnotdead3307d ago

keep everything except free Plus games.

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The story is too old to be commented.