Rain all but confirmed as Mortal Kombat DLC character

SystemLink: "Ed Boon has been dropping hints like crazy on what might be in the Mortal Kombat DLC. Long story short? Rain's pretty much confirmed."

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Dart892686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

He's already confirmed.

Edit:Watch this video.

FEARprototype2686d ago

after seeing how smoke plays in mortal kombat 9. i,ve always wanted to see other element fighters and see how the fight. i hope the design for rain is cool and hoping his moves are even cooler.

TheBlackSmoke2686d ago

Yeah lets first worry about fixing that abortion you call online play first Mr Boon.

ivanjp18822686d ago

me want motaro, and i also want to pla as the bosses that are already in the game.