SFX-360 E3 Hands On: Is Battlefield 3 Revitalizing the FPS Genre?

Justin at SFX-360 says:

"The long awaited and long anticipated Battlefield 3 game from Dice was in full display at E3 with a hands-on demo along with an impressive trailer at the EA Press Conference. Many times a game comes around that revitalizes a genre. But does the FPS genre need revitalization? The essence of an FPS is to aim, shoot to kill, and not die. However, I believe that some games in this genre take this recipe too literally and are afraid of reinvention for fear of losing fan base. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Well what if it is broken? Many FPS games released recently are trying to break the steady beat of the drum with innovative features and objective-based gameplay. While some ultimately fail for frame rate or server issues, the unconventional and innovative ideas break the status quo of the FPS genre."

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mahfuz273316d ago

I truly think DICE have done us proud. No matter if you have any issues with this game, just thank DICE for blessing this truly epic game, in all its frostbite 2 glory,upon us. There is still good in the gaming world.

And there is also activision, their cod clones, and the mindless sheep that follow them. *facepalm*

StanLee3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

What exactly is DICE doing differently that other military FPS haven't done to death this generation? Really? It's the same generic set pieces we've seen a hundred times. The 13 minuted demo they released early this year and the E3 demo shows nothing revolutionary at all.

mahfuz273314d ago

did you watch it with your eyes closed?
the scale?
the lighting?
the animation?
the sound married with camera movements?
the conpression and unfolding of data for it to fit on the consoles?

It is revolutionary in the sense that it takes us one step into the future, its fully destructible environments being something almost no other fps has even dared try, and so i think it will move technology and innovation forward.

Besides, what fps do you know that seems to be trying the hardest to move forward?

m233316d ago

They have only been showing PC gameplay as far as I know. I'm not sure how great the game will look on consoles though. Either way, I am pretty burnt out on shooters, and I doubt BF3 will help in any way. Gears 3 however, will.


Im not sure if its revitalising shooters, its certainly taking the graphics and sound to a new level but in terms of everything else, we have seen it before.

VWhiskey3316d ago

it is a eye orgy for sure but i hope they have a solid storyline tho