Alice:Madness Returns the favor with some cool DLC

Alice must return to wonderland in order to uncover the truth about her horrible past, but wonderland isn't the same place of refuge that it once was. It has been turned into a dark nightmare. Will Alice be able to uncover the truth, or will she fall into madness? I guess it's up to you

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GregoryAllen3313d ago

i've only seen like 30 minutes of this game and i just read the book like a week ago. i can safely say the game is way better and far creepier.

honestpizza3313d ago

I donno, I'm still on the fence about this game... I want to say that I'm interested because I loved the book, but yea... I don't know.

TheFodi3313d ago

I really want to get around to playing this. Anybody that does a creepy take on a children's story is a winner in my book.

pungello19883312d ago

Sounds like fun, sick fun, but fun

JakePayne3312d ago

I liked the original, I'm still not too sure about the sequel. I'll need to try it out

rmoar3312d ago

I can always use more dark and grim fantasy drug induced fantasy world in my life.

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