End the Bias: Call of Duty Isn't Revolutionary

Call of Duty is arguably the biggest name in the video game industry at this point. It has become such a cash-cow that Activision releases a new game every year, and they're even adding a new subscription based service to Modern Warfare 3. The most appalling thing about Call of Duty, however, isn't the milking. It's the attitude towards the series many publications hold – the thought that Call of Duty is actually revolutionary, that it's truly the king of modern shooters.

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MinusTheBear3318d ago

Tell that to EDGE. They have a certain bias all right.

Moduserous3318d ago

Yeah I think Activision is really milking the cow on this one. The problem is gamers who don't know any better and keep buying the same old regurgitated product with little to no innovation. Take generic shooter game and re-skin it with historical fiction from <insert war here>. Call of Duty - there you go.

PS3pwnz3318d ago

Hello boys and girls,
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For a small price of $70,(and a subscription for the other half of the game's online play), Modern Warfare 3 is the answer to all your problems! Call 0400-BULLSH*T now, and get a free 2-hour multiplayer session...withOUT a patch!

Yaaaaaay! Queue here-> :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I'm just joking, of course. I'm no troll ; )

Tuxedo_Mask3318d ago

For a minute I thought you were an actual bot advertising an online dating service for Call of Duty fans.

PS3pwnz3316d ago

Heaven knows they need it. ; )

Pintheshadows3318d ago

I'd still rather have a new Counterstrike or Quake Arena game. FPS MP used to be about skill. Not so these days.

I feel I wasted time becoming good at Q3 Arena. You couldn't just join a game and frag away. It took practice. I also miss map pickups.

NarooN3318d ago

Yeah classic FPS like Doom, Quake, UT, CS, etc. are still played by many to this day. I'm sick of military fps which just holds your hands. Back then, everyone sucked at one point, but you had to actually play the game to get good. Nowadays, you just boot the game up and get 500 kills no problem.

WhiteLightning3318d ago


That is all

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