Naughty Dog on Jimmy Fallon

Dualshock Nexus: It looks like we might see some brand new Uncharted 3 gameplay on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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MaxXAttaxX2680d ago

I'm not a fan, but I thought this was good:

I hope he's better at playing the game this time around than last time, cause he sucked! lol

Treezy5042680d ago

I remember him saying he was a fan of Uncharted, but didn't know how to shoot lol. It's good that Naughty Dog is back on the show though. This will give them a lot of great exposure.

I_find_it_funny2680d ago

he better get familiar with dualshock controller layout this time around

Schism202681d ago

Nice. Although im really anticipating june 28th I wanna try the beta out ASAP.

claterz2680d ago

Do you know if everyone will be able to take part in the beta on 28th as we are all PS Plus members now. Or is it just early access for the people who were Plus members before the outage?

jdfoster002680d ago

It's everyone not just the people who used to have ps plus before everyone got it. Anyone who has ps+ or infamous 2 can play it!! ANYONE!

PS3pwnz2681d ago

"Naughty dog on Jimmy Fallon"
Does no one get the innuendo?! XD

Rampaged Death2680d ago

Fingers crossed it's the cargo fight scene that was at E3 behind closed doors.

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