Sony to bring PlayStation Home to Japan in Spring 2008

With all its talk of PSP integration and a sprawling console-based virtual world, one can't help but feel some sort of amazement at the coming of PlayStation Home. For our readers out there who are living in Japan right now, you might be wondering, "When are we going to get Home?" Well, we can finally give you an answer to that question, and that answer is, "Spring 2008."

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resistance1004869d ago

Did then annouce that it will be launched in Spring 2008 months ago?

rbanke4868d ago

I was thinking the same thing.

Darkiewonder4868d ago

They haven't gotten this yet? :O

"Spring 2008" Really doesn't help out much.

Hapimeses4868d ago

Well, whenever it's released, it won't be soon enough for me.


lynx1halo4868d ago

I know home is free and all but if they dont allow any Mods or customization (clothes, houses, cars etc..)i dont think ill bee on it much....regardless you can guarantee that microsoft will copy it within a year

Vojkan4868d ago

I personally don't care that much for HOME. LBP is what interests me a lot.

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