Forza Motorsport 2 trailer

Microsoft just released this trailer of Forza Motorsport 2, showing some more of the damage system in the game. Who knows, maybe we'll get to see the game running in less than a month at X06?

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ironwolf5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

for Test Drive Unlimited and Forza 2 a couple of days ago. EB gave me a Forza release date of 2 November.

TheMART5869d ago

Forza 2 will kick GT4 HD so freaking hard. Seen the damage model?

PS fans: eat your hart out

Boink5869d ago

damage? what's that, I play GT and I don't know what this "damage" is that you speak of, pls elaborate...D'UH.

TheMART5869d ago

WHen you hit a wall with 200 km p/h in GT there is no realistic damage no scratch. That's not really realistic simulation is it?

JIN KAZAMA 1875869d ago

Idiots, GT4 is Just a hold until the real GT5 comes out. Forza will get spanked by GT5. Get over it.

TheMART5869d ago

Idiot, GT4 HD smugged up will lose so badly from Forza 2

GT5 isn't here, so you can't play it period.

When GT5 arrives in spring 2008, Forza 3 is here.

Forza 2 is ahead the current gen GT4, Forza 3 will exceed it and kill GT5

shoota335869d ago

Face it forza is not more popular than the gt series stop being a dumb xflop fanboy and face the facts.GT'S sell more than forza.You are the only one hyping this game to death.I see no website or people i know hyping this [email protected] copycat of the gt series.

TheMART5869d ago

Lametime. Face it. Forza was rated higher then GT by reviewers. Yes Forza 2 is better then GT4 HD smugged up PS2 game.

You can't compare can you. It was GT4 the 4rd generation up to Forza the 1st gen and Forza got higher rates.

GT4 HD smugged up PS2 version will be against Forza 2 second gen. Now think about it. CRUSHED

Then it will be GT 5th gen to Forza 3rd gen. You'll only smell burned rubber.

Sony is the only copycat here probably copying XBL exactly and tried to copy Wii's movement but they implemented it on a dull way

shoota335869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

Like i said forza sold like s**t moron. gt 4 on ps2 look better than PGR on xflop 1.5 which is pathetic.You are the only one hyping this [email protected] game. No one cares about forza gt hd will still sell loads more than forza and then gt5 will blow forza out of the water loser.And on the copycat topic,MS did'nt copy sony's eyetoy.MS is scared of sony the reason you have a rushed piece of s**t console.

TheMART5869d ago

There you go again: people who are starting to yell and call names know they're wrong.

Forza sold well actually. 360 games sell well actually. Like COD2 and GRAW, over 20% of all 360 users bought them. A PS game never sold to 20% or more of all it's users period

Hahahaaa you are utterly dumb. Nothing touches PGR3.

You are really scared for Forza 2, I know you watched the trailer. It's freaking scary to see the 360 have better games isn't it?

Ah well, you can play non standard BetaBluRaymovies, now that is nice, no good games but movies instead! yeaahhh!!!

shoota335869d ago

Did forza sell more than gt 4 NO! thats the piont.And to make you look like more of a dumbass,The gta's on ps2 never sold more than 20% of the users? Oh thats right it did idiot.Its just too bad xbox 360 will be forgotten this chrismas ps3 alone and wii will destroy it lol!

TheMART5869d ago

Ofcourse last GT sold more if there are 50 million PS2 users and half of that in XBOX users.

You have to let go how much this how much that. What is better, that's the question

And the reviews gave you


period. Don't be so lame.

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Jay da 2KBalla5869d ago

Forza is better than GT. Plain and simple and the reviews prove it as well as the features and Forza is more realistic.

shoota335869d ago

All i got to say is you're an xbox fanboy and ofcourse your blind fanboyness will say forza is better.

TheMART5869d ago

This Christmas you'll be a believer. Forza 2 will crush any other race simulation game

shoota335869d ago

Keep dreaming fanboy.That is all you can do is hope and wish that forza does well lol!!

GTProwler5869d ago

I find it funny when a fanboy call another person a fanboy, its like when a fat person call another person a fat ass. haha funny

TheMART5869d ago

Espescially when lametime is the fattest fanboy around ;)

General5869d ago

Mart..Haha...I dont know how you can call anyone the biggest fanboy because YOU ARE the BIGGEST Fanboy on this damn site.

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