Gamespot: Child of Eden Xbox 360 Review

Child of Eden may be over quickly, but it offers emotional highs you'll want to experience again and again.

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MinusTheBear3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Sure why not give this full priced, on-rails, short-ass game with no replayability a higher score than Infamous 2. I am done with the media.

HeavenlySnipes3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

just to comment on that. This is supposedly more worth your money than InFamous 2......

EDIT: If they are saying this game is better than Infamous 2, they are recommending you get it over InFamous 2. The purpose of these reviews is to give a professional review of a game before you decide to get it. If reviewers give a movie a bad rating, you are less likely to go watch it over a movie they give a great score.

Arnon3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Where the hell does it say it's more worth your money than inFAMOUS 2?


No they're not. You're just comparing review scores to games that have nothing to be compared about. Ever think they're reviewing the games based on their own merits, not about which one you should buy? Or is that even an option to you? I mean, do you even read the review scores, or do you just look at the number and decide that it's automatically a better game?

Braid scored higher than inFAMOUS 2 and that's a 4 hour puzzle. Are you going to cry about that as well and decide it means "they're telling me to buy Braid over inFAMOUS 2!!"

And to make this even more of a moot point, both reviews are written by two different people.

EVILDEAD3603317d ago

Bookmarked for hilarious response to Child of Eden getting a good score..

On topic..pick up mine tommorow..can't wait


Dread3317d ago ShowReplies(2)
Neckbear3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Because it proves to be, at the end, a more enjoyable experience. A "short game with no replayability", as you called this in your (probably baseless) opinion CAN be more memorable, and simply amazing than, say, inFamous 2.

At least in their opinion, that they're free to express.

Seriously, it's no rocket science. Oh, and add to this statement the whole "Dude, they're two different reviewers; don't pay attention to reviews; ad nauseam" points that other posters have expressed, as well.

cobblestone193309d ago

Well they never actually say that Child of Eden is better than inFamous 2. And One game is a Ps3 exclusive and the other is a 360 exclusive... Until September. So I'm sure that both reviews are from 2 completely different people.

Seriously... Why is this even a debate?

Christopher3317d ago

A review score isn't a sign of which one has more to do or is worth the price tag presented. It's an opinion based score on how the reviewer felt about the game overall. This reviewer felt it was an 8.5, not that it was a better game than inFamous 2 or should be purchased over inFamous 2.

It's likely the person rates this high for the music and artistic elements, something not all gamers would share the same view on. Kind of like how I just can't see rating Braid higher than 7/10, many gave it 8/10 and higher scores.

MiloGarret3317d ago Show
JasonPC360PS3Wii3317d ago

Funny how Dread's comment get removed for trolling, but MinusTheBear is free to go off topic and cry about Infamous.

MinusTheBear3317d ago

Funny how you wasted your last bubble.

Zynga3317d ago

Two totally different games man. So stop your fanboyish remarks and enjoy your infamous 2.

kingdoms3317d ago

Why are you in here screaming over some ps3 game know one gives a rats a$$ about? Go get your head checked.

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Raven_Nomad3317d ago

Why compare the two? this is a shooter for Kinect while Infamous is a third person game on the PS3. Two totally different types of games.

Personally as a person who does reviews myself, I review Wii games differently then I do PS3 or Xbox 360 games. I can give a game like Mario Kart Wii a 4.5 out of 5 and still give say God Of War 3 a 4.5 as well. It's not saying one is better then other, it's just they are different types of games and both good in their own ways.

HeavenlySnipes3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

8.5 - great

7.5 - good.

Great > good. They are saying this game is better than InFamous 2. I understand they are different genres, but GOTY awards aren't given to each genre, one game is deemed better than ALL the games.

EDIT FOR ARNON: A review is not an opinion. The purpose of a review is to provide faults in the game and use proof (that's why video reviews are popular) to support why the reviewer decided to highlight them. When you write about something professionally, you DO NOT USE YOUR OPINION. That is what the USER REVIEWERS ARE FOR. A perfect example is the game trailers review of InFamous 2.

Try and count how many times the reviewer used his opinion to judge the game. 1 maybe 2 times? Using your opinion only brings bias into the review. The reviewer could be an Infamous fanboy, a open world game hater, or just hate everything to do with the PS3. A review shouldn't show any of that.

Arnon3317d ago Show
Raven_Nomad3317d ago

It's dumb to compare Apples to Oranges. Stop whining. Play what you want, why care so much what some reviewers think? Really it only matters what you think about the games you like.

I loved Too Human, most other people didn't, does that stop me from enjoying the game? hell no!

I wouldn't worry about reviews so much if I were you, people coming to a review about Child Of Eden complaining about a totally different game in a totally different genre on a totally different console just seem kind of sad and really butthurt.

kaveti66163317d ago

For what Child of Eden sets out to do, it is better than what Infamous 2 sets out to do.

Speaking only from my knowledge of inFamous 1 (having played it recently), I can say that the problem with inFamous is its extremely repetitive nature, faceless enemies, boring missions and lack of emotion.

inFamous 2 was criticized for having repetitive missions as well, so why do you think that inFamous 2 deserves a better score than Child of Eden?

Because it looks better graphically? Because it's longer? Is it more fun?

cobblestone193309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )


inFamous 2 is, so far, my favorite game of this year. 16 out of 151 reviews are below 80. Practically everything you said, I disagree with. And judging by the reviews... The general consensus disagrees with Gamespot.

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turnerdc3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Got this game coming tomorrow through Gamefly. Looks nice and I enjoyed the Kinect comments. A little bit more cumbersome but a much more immersive experience? Guess I'll be playing this with Kinect.

GusBricker3317d ago

Yeah, I'll most likely rent it first to see how it plays with Kinect.

Winkle923317d ago

Suddenly I see why people make such a big deal out of reviews around here. It's because they mistakenly think the review is in comparison to other games. Think about it for a sec: Reviews are not meant to be compared. Only to represent how much a person may enjoy the specific game being reviewed.

I admit, it's an easy and natural step to start comparing review scores and thinking they have some sort of relationship, but they don't.

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