E3 2011: Prey 2 - Better than you never imagined []

Glitchy Tasty's Jayce Diaz got the chance to see Prey 2 in action at E3 2011, and his mind was completely blown.

"Having nothing to go on but CG trailers and magazine covers that totally felt out of place in comparison to the original Prey, I assumed the latest entry in the series to be more in line with the generic, faceless shooters that get dished out on a monthly basis.

Oh, how wrong and stupid I was to assume that."

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pixelsword2685d ago

As long as Prey doesn't loose it's roots, it should do very well.

ElementX2685d ago

I heard they dropped the portals and walls where you can walk vertically. Those were the best parts of Prey. I remember entering a room on a ship in Prey and looking at a sphere on display under a glass case. You go through a portal and end up on that sphere, walking around it's surface. That was ground breaking!

wallis2684d ago

I'm glad Tommy has a role but I never really minded the idea of them starting fresh either. It's the same devs so as far as I'm concerned wherever they take it is their own decision. And frankly it sounds like they're taking it to an awesome place.