Top 5 Features Available for the PS Vita

Are you interested in learning more about the PS Vita? This article will tell you all you need to know and more about what new and exciting features this hand held has to offer. What makes the PS Vita stand out from its competitors? These five features are sure to show you what make the PS Vita so great to gamers around the world!

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kratos1232684d ago

i dont know wich version i should get guys 3g or wifi
because i can send out 3g connection with my htc and its pretty fast. What do you guys think?

remanutd552683d ago

i have just pre ordered the 3G version , i went to the playstation lounge and they told me that i dont need to sing any contract with AT&T to get the 3G version and that sony will be looking into expanding the service to other companies in the future so i decided to get the 3G version to see if they come to Tmobile or Verizon