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Brutal Gamer's Zeth writes:

I think I’ve made it pretty clear over the years, including making it my game of the year, that I think the original inFamous was a class act. Sure, it had some annoyances, it was repetitive, it was limited in places but man alive, did they know how to keep me hooked long past the credits rolled.

Sucker Punch is back to continue the adventures of Cole, the messenger from the first game blasted with the full force of a mysterious device called a Ray Sphere. This blast imbued Cole with super-human strength and the ability to store and manipulate electricity.

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moosehound2681d ago

Thanks man :) inFamous and it's sequel are passionate favourites of mine :) Just sooo much fun!

TBM2681d ago

hey did anyone see the review from supposedly "honestgamer" yesterday where they gave the game a 5/10?

also it seems that there were 2 reviews one good and one bad, did anyone see which was the legit review because both gamerankings and meta counted the 5 against its overall score.

personally i don't care what the negative reviews say since im loving this game, and i love this series.

PS3pwnz2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Infamous 2 didn't receive that many high ratings as I hoped for a game of it's fun value to earn. It's really, REALLY fun
Dammit, take a break from the FPS's!

EDIT: For me, InFamous is a classic.

Schism202681d ago

I know its sad because infamous 2 is an amazing game. Probably my favorite sandbox game of all time and some reviewers seemed to dock the game for silly reasons. This game has it all good graphics, gameplay, story, good everything.

MinusTheBear2681d ago

Bias reviewers will continue to pull shit against PS3 exclusives. I'm sick of people calling it a conspiracy when there is plenty of proof out there. MS has a history of doing shady bullshit like this in attempts to monopolize markets. The sad thing is that these reviewers are probably just fanboys too.

Mr Patriot2681d ago

if MS produces shit they will buy it

TheFreak2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

The scores for infamous 2 have been good, but EDGE says hi off course :)

Focker4202681d ago

What are you guys talking about?? The ratings have been great. I've been seeing 9 and 10's all week. The only bad scores I've seen were 2 6's and a 7. Thats it.

PS3pwnz2681d ago

Yes, it's mostly the bad reviewers that give bad ratings. (I figured that one out by myself! Brilliant, no?)
What I mean is that the poor reviews are usually unreliable.

I agree, though, metacritic votes are 84% critic and 9.1/10 average user reviews! Much better than I thought!