New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Screenshots from GameSpy

Three new screenshots for Final Fantasy Versus XIII have been release by GameSpy today. Although they have been seen in magazine scans before, they've never been released in an official screenshot form. Unfortunatly GameSpy has reduced the size of all their screenshots meaning they aren't in HD. Hopefully Square-Enix will officially release the full sized screenshots sometime soon. It also doesn't look like GameSpy's promise of releasing the TGS trailer is going to happen too soon.

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Darkiewonder4871d ago

Maybe the last one. :\

Still waiting for new information about this game.

Somnus4871d ago

Nor are they new to me but like I said, they've never been released anywhere but in magazines. At least they aren't all grainy. I doubt we'll be getting any new info until Jump Festa in December. :/

mighty_douche4871d ago

but can someone please explain this games genre, is it a turn based RPG like the other FF's or is it more action orientated like ninja gaiden?

Somnus4871d ago

Versus will be an Action RPG. Basiclly you'll be doing what he does in the trailer in real time.

allforcalisto4871d ago

If you've seen the trailer for 13 that's how it moves ingame. it'll probably be a bit more extreme by the next time we see it. It is turn based but you'll have to think real hard and quick about what moves to select.

FFXIII versus on the other hand is kingdom hearts on steroids by the sounds of it. In the last screenshot where the protagonist is looking downward; apparently that kind of stuff will be do-able in-game. You'll be able to teleport to wherever you throw your weapon. Apparently in one of the veiled trailers the protagonist rips the soldiers in half.
Lastly Nomura wants battles to have a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor; i.e. the finale of advent children.

i don't know what i'll do when i get both of these games... which to play first lol?

mighty_douche4871d ago

thanks for answering me. sounds like Versus is my cup of tea!

lilwingman4871d ago

Versus XIII is planned to hit 9-12 months after XIII.. so shouldn't be a problem :)