Marooners' Rock E3 2011: Orcs Must Die! Preview

Chris writes: "When Robot Entertainment first unveiled their upcoming action/strategy game, Orcs Must Die!, I misread the title. “Orcs Must Dine!? Oh, God. Please tell me this isn’t just another port of Diner Dash but with a medieval fantasy skin over it!” Not that there’s anything wrong with Diner Dash, of course. Diner Dash’s time management system is a valid gameplay mechanic that has done well; it’s just not my cup of proverbial tea. Of course, the sheer ludicrousness of having to serve swill to orcs soon became clear, and I re-read the title. Since that HILARIOUS misunderstanding, I’ve seen more and more about the game, and managed to get my hands on it at E3."

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Hitman07692684d ago

This game seemed pretty cool to me.