StarHawk: This Could Be The Next Halo

In every generation of gaming there is always one game that’s so innovative it burns an iconic impression on the industry, thus solidifying its position among the elite IPs. Few games have achieved this status, while many reach for it. During the age of the PS1, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, and even Tomb Raider were among the revolution.

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MinusTheBear3310d ago

Yeah, Halo wasn't innovative at all. I don't know what they're talking about.

LaChance3310d ago

"StarHawk: This Could Be The Next Halo"

L M F A O.


Zynga3310d ago

And what makes you think this game will be?

Anarki3310d ago

Sorry but Halo sucks. I want starhawk to be everything but what Halo is right now.

kaveti66163310d ago

minusthebear joined 2 weeks ago.

who believes he's a brand new user?

MaxXAttaxX3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Warhawk/Starhawk's gameplay is more unique and vastly different.

No game needs to kill Halo. No game wants to be Halo. Is this 2004?
We're all past that point already and devs and games have moved on.

Some people just talk like there aren't any OTHER good games and they're always making dumb comparisons. They need to get out more.

kaveti66163309d ago

Your parasitic behavior is not insignificant.

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Sinkway3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Sony still trying to have a halo? Thats sad. But yeah i guess Killzone was the Halo Killer LMFAO! Well done Sony.

jukins3310d ago

yea because this is sony's article lol written by sony ppl saying this could be the next halo.

Aussiegamer3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Yeah it was sony that wrote this article. /sarcasm

Edit: @jukins hahahaha you beat me too it man. That made me rofl.

fr0sty3310d ago

Fanboy trying to say Sony is trying to have a Halo when it was actually a headline written by a gaming journalism website... That's sad.

HeavenlySnipes3310d ago

KZ is about super soldiers running around shooting rocket launchers while jumping and hijacking aircraft's while they are in flight. The similarities between the two games are strikingly similar

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fr0sty3310d ago

Have you played Starhawk? Didn't think so. Until you have, STFU.

Sinkway3310d ago


fr0sty3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

cough*... (insert random off topic game developed by a completely different studio that isn't even in the same genre here) ... Cough*

Sony never once claimed Killzone would be the next halo, nor did they claim starhawk would. This article did.

@ Below, actually you are wrong. It was the media that marketed it has a halo killer, not sony. Just like the above comments, you take words said by the gaming media and put them in sony's mouth. here's the truth...

bwazy3310d ago

Actually Sony GREATLY advertised Killzone as the "Halo Killer". Was sorta the reason I bought the first game due to my lack of an xbox.


ikkokucrisis3310d ago

I don't wanna have a game pumped out every year promising an amazing leap in gameplay & gfx to find out i was lied to again...

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Godmars2903310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Actually looking at Dust 514 to be the "next" Halo. To bring the next level of multiplayer gaming that is.

Starhawk is just going to be fun. Though I think it could do with some actual "bugs" rather than imitation zombies who run around using the same guns vehicles and general tactics as you.

Talking more in terms of gameplay. That in Dust 514, how it could have more lasting and reaching effect than just a game score achievement or trophy. That you'll actually be fighting for someone to achieve an objective.

That it otherwise looks like any other FPS is inconsequential.

xPhearR3dx3310d ago

What? At least Starhawk looks good. Dust looks downright terrible.

HeavenlySnipes3310d ago

looked okay. Coreret me if I'm wrong, but its supposed to be another huge FPS like MAG, and also support the PS Move.

PS Starhawk/Warhawk are nothing like Halo. They have dedicated servers, large maps and player counts and dynamic land to air combat. The most land to air thing I've experienced with Hal is 1-2 Banshees in the air and a tank shooting them lol

jdfoster003310d ago

Dust is a downloadable title of ps store and wil Not be retailed remember (come in disc)

Ddouble3309d ago

Dust looks generic but the concept behind it is it's main selling point. The integration with EVE online is on a whole next level.

2 different MMO's on the same server working and communicating with each other on different platforms.

Kon3310d ago

When a Sony game reaches the level of innovation that the Halo franchise did since the last game, you can reply me back, until then...

XabiDaChosenOne3310d ago

Wow, I didn't know ripping off of the Unreal Tournament franchise was innovation.

bwazy3310d ago

... So apparently innovation is adding jetpacks and other unbalanced factors to their game? Yep ok.

beast242tru3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

This could be the next WARHAWK with a different name and improvement in graphics and gameplay. never know we will have to wait and see

can i get a buble plzzz im juncin for just one more

ELite_Ghost3310d ago

i had to log in to ask u this: are u serious? lol...

SweatyFlorida3310d ago

bubble awarded :D Starhawk is just a cooler/better warhawk. Though glad someone see's it has potential to become huge!

If any game "could" be the next Halo, it would have to be Respawn Entertainment's IP which is geared to competing with other Sci-Fi shooters like Halo.

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