Four Video Game Character Names With Ridiculous Origins

Ever wonder how many of your favorite video game character names came to be? Some are pretty obvious, others are quite witty and then we have some that are just ridiculous. Here is a list of four characters with weird stories about their names which are actually true, as unbelievable as they might sound at first.

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Moduserous2778d ago

Yeah it's probably good that they renamed Pac-Man - that wouldn't have gone over well.. haha!

Sidology2778d ago

and not a single mention of scott pilgrim's pick-up line as far as pac-man goes. what has this world come to.

AronDeppert2778d ago

I liked this a lot. I wish they wouldn't have renamed Kirby though! "Poopoopopo's Poopie Journey in Poop Land" FTW.

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