(Geeks of Gaming) Infamous 2 Video Review

Kevin Jones writes: "Infamous 2, takes the elements from the first game, and puts them in a melting pot of fantastic. The storyline is pretty average, but the new powers, intense combat, and UGC make up for it. If you’re looking for a no nonsense Superhero game, this is the one for you. Cole Mcgrath and the crew of Infamous 2, receive an A- from Half-Ass Gaming. Let’s hope that we can get some sort of cooperative play for, Infamous 3."

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TheDarkness2681d ago

Goin to pick this up later this year.

Simco8762681d ago

You will enjoy the game, if you liked the first inFamous.

Don't know where they would go with a third one though... rather have a new IP!