David Braben on recent acquisitions and the effect on the independent developer

David Braben, chairman of Frontier Developments, was at the GameCity festival in Nottingham last week to show off some of the concepts and ideas behind The Outsider, his action thriller set for release some time in 2009. Not only did David have plenty of thoughts on recent acquisitions, he was also willing to discuss how they affect his own business, why remaining independent is at the very heart of the company, and why he's waiting to see if Bungie will announce a PlayStation 3 project...

Frontier boss David Braben has urged publishers to remember that taking a chance on an unproven game can often lead to incredible financial rewards. Using The Sims, Roller-coaster Tycoon and Grand Theft Auto as examples, he stated that rather than predicting sales with comfortable definitions of games, trusting developers with unique or experimental ideas can see a much larger payback.

"Roller-coaster Tycoon initially didn't sell well but gradually grew into a huge seller. But there was mass scepticism within the industry. EA almost didn't publish The Sims. They thought they'd humour Will Wright because he's done good stuff in the past and it ended up as the world's number one seller." said Braben.

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