Gears Of War 3 Contains 1.5 Hours Of Cut Scenes

The epic conclusion of the Gears of War trilogy will feature a feature length movie's worth of cut scenes

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eggbert2685d ago

MARIAAAAAA for 30 minutes please.

Abash2685d ago

That must mean there are more than one GIANT WORMS this time.

TurismoGTR2685d ago

Waiting for the same treatment MGS4 received for it's cut scenes.

Ravenor2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

That depends, does Gears of War 3 involve 40 minutes (per end of act video) of almost indecipherable dialog? If no, then no it wont receive the same treatment.

BlackKnight2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )


Depends on the gameplay/cinematic ratio.

That's the annoyance I am having playing through MGS4 right now. I play almost the same amount of time as I watch cutscenes.

MGS4 has a little over NINE hours of cutscenes...

HeavenlySnipes2685d ago

Here is Ravenor's comment translated

"I didn't understand MGS4's plot at all so I'm going to go out on a limb and claim that the whole thing didn't make sense to anyone as well"

gamingdroid2685d ago

I want to play a game, not watch a movie. Then again I was surprised to hear Gears 2had 60+ minutes of cut scenes. Maybe it isn't as bad at all....

jetlian2684d ago

comparaing this to mgs4! MGS4 had one 55 min cutscenes and a total of 9 hours by the end.

1.5 is the normal amont for a 10+ hour game! this is the end so more info is needed

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BlackTar1872685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

well there is not enough Loose ends or much less story in Geow

Why are yo just playing MGs4 now kinda convenient for this story isn't it.

True MGS fans loved every minute of MGS4.

jetlian2684d ago

way to many cutscenes, poor controls long loading, worst boss fights in the series

BlackKnight2684d ago

I just started because I got a PS3 late last year. And so far I played and beat KZ2/3, UC1/2. Also played a little LBP, a litle Infamous, beat pixle junk shooter 1 and still playing PJS2. And I am also working on MGS4. That's why.

iamnsuperman2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Not too bad. If the cut scenes are done well then 1.5 hours isn't that bad.

Redgehammer2685d ago

Yeah, I don't think it is bad at all; as long, as you said, the cutscenes are done well.

Convas2685d ago

Looking forward to it!

YodaCracker2685d ago

Damn, this must be a really long single player campaign.

Mister_G2685d ago

Meh! Action not talking please :)

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