E3 2011: Wii U Hands-On - Chase Mii (

Of all the announcements at E3 2011, the unveil of the Wii U was easily the biggest. The long-rumored, touch-screen controller turned out to be a reality, as Nintendo pitched their solution to bridge the gap between core and casual gamers. A big part of the Wii U's design is the ability to create a new form of cooperative gameplay based on dual perspectives. Nintendo demonstrated this new play style through the very simple and enjoyable tag simulator, Chase Mii.

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mephman2773d ago

From what I've seen, this was a ton of fun.

JDouglasGU2773d ago

for a quick distraction and an example of what the wii u could do, it's perfect.

ShawnCollier2773d ago

I'm expecting a lot of these demos might be included in a Wii Sports/Play-like collection disc.

Hardedge2773d ago

Until you actually get the Wii U into your hands, it's best the hold off on judging the device I was really surprised by it.