LA Noire Review: Dick Tracy Gets Flattopped (GoozerNation)

The last couple years, living in Minnesota, we have enjoyed our baseball team being a good team, who always makes a run for the playoffs. Even if they get smashed by the Yankees every year in the playoffs, we are still a contender, and better than the White Sox, if nothing else. This year, however, we're having a terrible year, and up until recently, the Twins have been painful to watch.

Coincidently, Rockstar Games appears to be going through a similar situation. Rockstar has churned out hit game after hit game, eclipsing with Red Dead Redemption, 2010’s Game of the Year. However, their long awaited IP LA Noire failed to live up to that hype (in this reviewer's opinion) the way Michael Jordan did when trying out baseball.

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JimmyJames703315d ago

LA Noire is a game that you interactively watch. It's a nice change of pace that can be played episodically alongside different genres, like say, Dead Space 2 or any FPS.