40GB PS3 pops at a big box

From its initial denial to FCC leak to stockroom delivery, Engadet has watched the low(ish) priced 40GB PS3 make its slow decent through the Sony corporate birth canal to its November 2nd launch. So what's this, did an overly enthusiastic Wal-Mart break yet another street date? Seems so. New shots are from the Birmingham Alabama store -- on shelves and ready for purchase according to a tipster.

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Rama262854871d ago

I wonder what implications stores releasing things early have on companies such as Sony? If this story is in fact true, then this PS3 is being sold four days early - but why would that matter? It's still being sold and surely Sony wouldn't worry about if it's a few days early, as they're still making their money.

2Negativecool4871d ago

Initially I figured it would be a good move on Sony's part to have a Spiderman 3 bundle to boost blu ray sales...Then it hit me.

When in the hell has Sony ever bundled a movie with their consoles?? They never did anything that stupid with the PS2, because the PS2 was for GAMES.
This move signifies that Sony is intending the PS3 as a blu ray player FIRST and a game machine second. They'll never admit that, but this pretty much proves where their priorities are. Movies before games.

Beat HD DVD first, then worry about the Wii and 360.

At least this will boost blu ray sales for them.

Real gamer 4 life4871d ago

Everyone one that the Playstation 3 is a gaming system. Sony make commercial for the ps3 showcasing the game not the blueray player. the only reason they are bundleling spiderman with the ps3 is to show the world that the ps3 is also a bluray player. Not many people know that the ps3 is also blueray player. So sony is trying to get that message across, And plus sony bundle motorstorm with the 80gig ps3 so your are wrong.

Rama262854871d ago

Not sure of other countries, but here in the UK if you registered your PS3 online you'd be sent a free copy of Casino Royale on Blu-Ray. So for that reason, I don't see this bundle as a big deal as you get a free blu-ray anyway.

Sevir044871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

it's rather interesting to say the least. store are starting to get the PS3's all over the place now, even a local games stop had one on display saying availibe for purchase on Nov 2nd. whats more Sony is starting to market it alot better.

This mouring i just saw the new Ratchet and clank /PS3 Onyx marketing campaign ad, whats even more the whole comercial was a CG trailer Insomniac did just for the comercial like NT did for Heavenly Sword. and the end it showed that PS3 with all the things coming out of it and then Said.

"Ratchet and Clank Future:Tools of Destructions, Now available for The PLAYSTATION 3, Now starting at $399." and then the Playb3yond logo appeared beneth it.

i was like it's about freakin time they started marketing the product like that, now they need to do that with Folklore and HS, Warhawk, Eye of Judgement and Lair. and snag some exclusive rights to promote 3rd party games on there comericals with the PS3 showing only.

still i'm glad to see that they have stepped the marketing push for the PS3 into Hi gear.