No Need to Worry About the Wii U Specs

There's been a lot of debate about the actual specs of the Wii U since E3, but really we don't know and odds are the specs are not completely final yet. James from Pure Nintendo gives his reasons for why we shouldn't worry about the specs for the Wii U just yet.

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DarkCharizard_4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

High end R700 GPU = 4-5 times more powerful than PS360 = Nothing to worry.

50% more powerful = worry.

@Below: why plbelanger? Looking at your comment history I don't think anything Nintendo interests you and you won't even buy the Wii U. So why worry?

fluffydelusions4299d ago

I'm more worried about the one controller per system rumor and the fact that friend codes are still in placed even if they are revamped.

iamnsuperman4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

There is a little to be worried about mainly if no new infomation is released soon. Well worrying might be the wrong word but the fact that nintendo hasnt really shown a focus when it cones to whats under the bonnet is odd. All that stuff has been really vauge. I think they are not sure what they want (could be for cost restraints). The 50% wasnt exactly reliable becuase the source said we spoke to many developers with no names. If theydropped a name it would have been more convincing (also the source came from this website) the fact that a lot of niss information coming from nintendo and publishers like ubisoft add to the confusion

@darkcharizard everyone has a right to an opinion on this website and to scrutinise companies and sources are good. We cant blindly follow.

Shok4299d ago

Friendcodes are actually gone. The article you saw the other day was the Nintendo rep actual making a statement about the 3DS, but some idiot site decided to take that to give the Wii U some bad rep. Go look it up.

iforgotmylogin4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

I agree with you man,
there is nothing to worry about.

nextgen will come and there wont be that much of a graphical increase
this article hits the nail on the head

we are gonna be in for a surprise unless devs try to max systems out

and if the ps4 cant do this then its not next gen

Enate4298d ago

What, run benchmarks?

sdtarm4298d ago

if thats true then they should worry because the console wont be anything near as successful as the wii

Otheros004298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

R700 gpu = worry

Reason? It almost "4 YEARS OLD". The R700 released the 1 year after the ps3 and the wii. They should of at least went with Radeon HD 5000 series gpu. DX10 equals last gen for pc.

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purely_justin4299d ago

The thing to remember about that 50% more powerful number is that's 1.5x PS360 and that's in current development kits that developers have today. Since the system's release is still at least a year away, I would think that could easily/realistically be 2x-2.5x by the system's release. And as the article points out, I don't think there will be quite the graphical disparity between this gen (PS360) and the inevitable PS4/720 systems. So 2-3 years down the road when those come out, I still think you'll see cross-platform support across the board with PS4/720/Wii U whereas it was non-existent with the Wii's graphical capabilities.

Most of the 'specs' we think we know right now are just rumored from devs and I think the reason Nintendo didn't mention specs is they're probably not final yet. They've given out dev kits and asked developers what they need to make their games work on the system. If that's more memory or a higher clock speed, I bet you'll see that bump by launch.

I agree with you DarkCharizard that it would not be ideal at just that 1.5x increase so hopefully Nintendo responds and regardless, Zelda in HD will be great to play

metsgaming4299d ago

nintendo wont sell their systems at a loss and they want a low price. This tells you that they wont use state of the art hardware. The ps4 and new xbox will release powerful consoles and they are willing to take it for a lose to keep the price down a bit. So in the end i hope the wiiU is 3 times more powerful because the new ps4 and xbox will obliterate it.

ProjectVulcan4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

I always disagree with the claims there will not be as much disparity or much of a step between the present generation and the next for Sony and Microsoft. There will be a fairly big leap, and i would say that they will be at least as powerful as the most powerful single GPU today, a GTX580. This is because in 12 months, even that GPU will no longer be cutting edge. It'll be midrange at very best. They won't even need to use cutting edge latest hardware to enable a nice leap by the end of 2012.

Secondly, Epic's next generation demonstration ran on GTX580s and they said it would be able to run on a single such GPU.

Why would they even bother showing something like this if none of the next consoles could manage it? Epic are writing UE4 now too, which should be even further advanced. I find it highly unlikely a well informed developer like Epic who assisted with 360 hardware development would bother creating a tech demonstration like that if next generation consoles couldn't get remotely close to that level of visuals.

Epic's engine technology has defined this generation. I think if they say this is what the future is going to look like, you can believe they will be close to that vision.

iforgotmylogin4298d ago

the next gen of videogames will not run this just to reply to you.

this is top of the line stuff and its still lagging in spots running just the realtime demo live.

sony and microsoft will be using gtx 5series cards at best

ProjectVulcan4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

"the next gen of videogames will not run this just to reply to you"

Sorry i don't understand this. It didn't seem to make any sense to me. Videogames running something?

Will not run what? Your comment is not very well structured or specific i must say. I already made clear my viewpoint and Epic have clearly made their intentions clear. I also said that they will probably use at least a GTX580 level of performance. So i have no idea what you might be replying too...

The Samaritan demo was unoptimised, Epic admitted as much. Most tech demos are not particularly well optimised for the hardware as they are knocked up within a couple months unlike a well coded game which can take years. I believe that realtime demo is a realistic target for next gen consoles.

Fishy Fingers4298d ago

It'll be the most powerful console on the market until the PS4/720 (or whatever they're called) then it'll probably stack up like the Wii does to the current consoles.

iforgotmylogin4298d ago

there wont be that big a gap.
it will go back to gamecube era where devs just choose not to dev on nintendo for bull sh*t reason number 1-5.

this gen was easy cause they just said wii wasnt powerful enough. so i wonder what they will say now?

cause ps3 graphics for top end dont look bad. and wiiu is confirmed beating it, so will they then say ps3 graphics suck?

Ck1x4298d ago

To be honest the fact that Nintendo will have the first HD console that will be able to display native 1080p games is a first and something they can claim and market... There is a major difference to and if they can capitalize on this early while selling their Nintendo style I think they might be able to take advantage of the new Wii marketshare they have garnered. But I really don't see Nintendo shooting themselves in the foot this time like they did with the GC. If the GC had the Wii remote back then we would have had a different console leader that gen for sure

iNFAMOUZ14298d ago

ps3 is native 1080p whats your point?

Shok4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Only a few games are actually NATIVE 1080p on the PS3. Most are native 720p, and others not even that, just upscaled.

Console are not the place to go for true native 1080p.

koehler834298d ago

I don`t think anyone was worrying. I think the general question everyone is asking is a) is this a product to compete with PS3 and 360 late in the game or b) is this a product to jump into a new generation that will exclude PS3 and 360.

And without proper specs, it`s difficult to say for sure. Resolution on televisions is going to cap at 1080p anyway. Ultimately it will come down to the software. And the picture that`s being painted there is that for the most part, third parties are treating this as a product to compete with PS3 and 360.

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