Nintendo’s Iwata Hopes the Wii U Will Steal Back Couch Time From the iPad

Nintendo’s next console is not just about playing games, but will act as another screen in the living room that will compete against laptops, tablets and phones for a consumer’s spare time spent on the couch.

He says that the devices have higher-end components, capable of displaying hardcore games, but that the controller’s 6.2-inch display will attract a very wide audience of people looking for a casual way to connect to the Internet.

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zeal0us3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

@Fishy Fingers

Nope, I realize how stupid it was(what I did).

Fishy Fingers3313d ago

Was there really any need to copy/paste the entire thing? -1

pcz3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

wrong answer. it should be MORE powerful than any other console.

how can such a senior figure of nintendo say it 'should' be as powerful... he should know by now for sure whether or not it is or isnt more powerful than current consoles! nintendo are just taking the piss and playing games with us.

i can see it now, come release day it becoming more and more apparent this wiiu is nothing more than similar tech to an xbox360.

nintendo better start changing their tune quick or i will completely lose interest in this farce of a console.

i want to hear ''the wiiu is definitely more powerful than current consoles with out any shadow of doubt.'' i want to hear that from nintendo and all 3rd party devs. I want it to be unanimous that this new console is actually next gen. because at the moment all we are getting is cryptic bollocks like ''um, its quite powerful, its capable of running our game engine...'' ?? meaningless! start giving proper details or just shut the fxck up!

what makes this situation laughable is that nintendo acknowledge they made a mass confusion at e3 with wiiu unveiling. so you would think they would be trying to rectify that, by giving clear and concise info out about the console. its interviews like this one where they can reassure people, and give people a better understanding...

but no, they only perpetuate the confusion more with every sing thing they say about the wiiu. i wish they would just release the spec sheet and shut up and get busy making games. because at the moment they are just looking like they haven't really got anything concrete and are just blagging it. ''um we arent sure about this or that.. maybe, we could, we should, we might..'' its all not very encouraging language.

Moerdigan3313d ago

I remember GC. That gen, Nintendo had really modest benchmarks for the system. GC has something like 25 million polys, PS2 has something like 70 million. xbox claimed 200 mil.

Look how that turned out.

Peaceful_Jelly3313d ago

How can the GC render less polygons than a PS2 when the console had better CPU, better GPU, more Ram and overall better architecture?

iforgotmylogin3313d ago

the gamecube counts were in different situations than the ps2. nintendo was actually telling the truth on their specs. the other 2 were lying or bench marking in unrealistic tests for their numbers.

the game cube was 2nd most powerful of gen 6
it was xbox
then gc then ps2

the ps2 was thought to be top tier when really it wasnt. we only discovered that once re4 launched and seeing all the dev comments and such
b4 the internet was what it was today and all the easy ways to talk to ppl.

it was a mystery to most even to this day.

qwertyz3313d ago


sony still did the same thing this gen by claiming the ps3 gpu was 1.8tflops computational power when its only actually about 180glops(some still say it was gimped further than this but there no way to know for sure because sony actually made all developers sign a non disclosure act so they'd never talj about the gpus REAL specifications). funny because the gtx 580 is only about 1.5TFLOPS so how is it possible the rsx from 6 years ago(its a 6 year old gpu architecture) has more compute power. even sony first party studios always talk about the power of the cell NOBODY ever mentions the RSX because in reality it is VERY weak even IBM said confirmed this by saying the cell has more stream processing power than the rsx(although the rsx has fixed function units the cell can't emulate such as rasterizer, render output units and texture units as well as msaa hardware).

ChickeyCantor3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

"so you would think they would be trying to rectify that, by giving clear and concise info out about the console. "

Reggie actually did. Just no Specs yet cause even developers don't know what the final specs are.
But people tend to bitch rather than to do some "research"

pcz3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

ok, so far all we know about wiiu is its at least on par with this generation (ie 5 year old tech) and hd.

oh and it has a controller that interfaces with the console in a new way.

anything else is just speculation.

''developers don't know what the final specs are. ''

if the gaming comunity is confused about the wiiu then the devs must be bewildered.

its total bullshxt to say devs don't know. they must have an idea or else they wouldn't be able to program games for it.

they should be able to say whether or not it is more powerful than a ps3 or not. none of them have explicitly confirmed that. which only indicates one thing: its not.

if it was clearly more capable than a ps3, it would be obvious, and it would also be something to brag about. so by using logic, one can safely say the wiiu is either on par with a ps3 or weaker.

it is totally pathetic if you ask me. fool me once shame on mii, fool me twice shame on U.

iforgotmylogin3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

i dont get people in some n4g comments they call ps3 old tech and yada yada yet they claim its the best graphical thing out.

so hypothetically wiiu beats ps3 in specs. that doesnt mean anything but when the ps4 beats ps3 in specs that means something?

like if the ps4 is only 3-4x more powerful than the ps3 and the wiiu is 2.5x more powerful than the ps3 what will people say.

from nintendos point of view wii is 2.5 gamecubes

this next system is probly 20.5 gamecubes

they are doing a huge upgrade. but people havent even seen a next game nor will they until devs differentiate themselves from gen 7 and move to gen8.

ChickeyCantor3313d ago

" they must have an idea or else they wouldn't be able to program games for it. "

They don't know what the FINAL specs are. There is a difference. The SDK they got are not final either.

N4g_null3312d ago

Dude he is talking about future console also. Plus all you have to say is raedon r700 was tha card that made Sony shut up about gigaflops by it self with out the help of the current IBM chip which actualy has a very large dram pool on it.

Seriously Sony and ms will have to put a larrabee lol or i7 in with a hd6000 to do better and then sell it as a gaming laptop.

The simple fact that engines that took years to make are already running on the wii before being optimized says yeah it's way more powerful.
Id is on the way. The 25 gig disk and sd drive is for you stoopid!

Shadermodel 4! Not direct x 9! 60 fps.
Nintendo just wants Sony and ms to under estimate them like their fans are. Nintendo should understand that Sony and ms can copy the tech but can't copy the games because they simply don't understand the appeal.

Iwata is doing this on purpose lol. These guys are very technical yet cut that off to talk about what is important.

Thepcz3312d ago

hmm that is an interesting idea, that nintendo are keeping their cards under the table regarding the specs... i hadnt thought of that.

Moerdigan3313d ago


That's because Nintendo was talking about real time game footage. Sony ans MS weren't.

People are saying Iwata's stating that the WEiiU is on the same level as the other 2 systems, but what we see on paper suggest a edge in performance.

JRH77833313d ago

I look at the Wii U as another Wii peripheral. They need a whole different console and unit with advanced graphics to be able to compete with Nex-gen consoles... I just feel this is a peripheral and when Next-gen comes Nintendo will reveal the Wii 2 and Wii U will work with it. If they try to use this as their Next-gen product to compete with the PS4 or 720 then they're going to be so far behind.

Ravenor3313d ago

You realize the thing you hold in your hands isn't the same as whats running under the TV right? How many times do I have to say this? Wii U is more then the controller, it's a box that sits under the tv.

D0ffy3312d ago


Actually I just read that the Wii U is only the console's name, and the controller might have a different name.

So your comment makes no sense at all.

N4g_null3312d ago

I look at the future Sony box as another blu ray player and unwanted sequel magnet. Loved the art in uncharted hate the game play. Sony should sell blu rays of people playing it and beating it. This is what they gaming is any way.

Oh and by the way the wiiu has a tri core PowerPC with a hd raedon in it. Even the vita can't display what it can because even the vita is less powerful than the ps3. So the wiiu is going to murder that too. Notice the list of engines coming to wiiu. All you've seen is uncharted on the vita with no wiiu like features lol.

The next gen Sony and ms is going to be a PowerPC chip and a better gpu if they are lucky. Some thing tells me they will use wiiu equavalent. Gpus also due to heat and cost. Console gamers are not buying a $1000 console.

I mean just look at how the ps3 1 year later power is flexed on the multiplatform games! Maybe you get some "free" AA? Particules are better? Really? The problem is nintendo played the last gen with a self imposed handicap. The other problem is nintendo 3rd party love is way bigger than Sonys 3rd party love. Also if Sony says any thing about their next gen system they kill all sales period because we all know it's going to be Sony expensive again.

sikbeta3313d ago

N better make sure that tablet-controller is comfortable for playing any kind of game...

N4g_null3312d ago

It's actually perfect for big and small hands. The controls are high enough to let your thumbs rest on it. Then the bar in the back ands extra grip so you can swing it around. Very light also.

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