PS Vita Memory Cards 4GB 8GB 16GB & 32GB cards - A First Closer Look

During E3 2011, Sony was seen showing off some of their PS Vita memory cards. In case you are confused, these “memory” cards are for storing game and other media, not making the device faster. Sony will also be providing cards with the games included on them that can be purchased at a retail store.

PS Vita 4GB 8GB 16GB & 32GB Memory Cards:

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Godmars2902684d ago

So $50 PSVita games? Not good.

MasterCornholio2684d ago

Vita games will cost the same as the 3DS ones. Anyone who says otherwise is just hating on the system. Devs said so themselves that the Vita is extremely easy to develop for and thus the cost of the games to make should be the same as PSP ones.

Godmars2902684d ago

No, I was just looking at the retail prices for memory cards.

More than annoying that someone who simply questions something is automatically questions something is a hater. Almost as much as someone just hearing about a game or system, an unnamed project even, and throwing everything they have at it.

I like the PSVita but I'm not buying it day one, I have no real interest in the WiiU and really haven't seen anything to interest me. I'm neither a lover or a hater.

Unless of course you want to call me a lover or a hater - in which case F-U.

MasterCornholio2684d ago

Wow i guess i was right about you. But i wasnt expecting this level of anger from you. I must apologize to you for hurting your feelings.

gaffyh2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

$40 seems cheap to me, especially when these are console-quality games. Obviously I'm basing this off the Amazon pricing.

meganick2684d ago

I know Sony stated that Vita games will cost $39.99, but it's not unreasonable to assume that the higher memory games might cost more.

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DFresh2684d ago

Actually if you go on Amazon/Game Stop sites games are priced at $40.

pspgweber2684d ago

Yes. The price could be around this price range.


Handheld games usually costs 2/3 the price of a console game, that's the model everyone is used to. So unless conole games see a surge in the price (which is unlikely before next gen) I don't think Sony would make $50 the MSRP (although it don't depend just on Sony, but they would definetely push for 40 bucks).

colonel1792684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I read somewhere that the games saves AND add-ons will be stored on the game card (kind like it was on the N64) and the memory cards will only be used for downloadable games and stuff like that.

Well actually thinking about it if you download the game, the game would have to be saved on the memory card too.. the above i suppose was for retail games

liveActionLeveler2684d ago

There's nothing new here that we didn't already know. The proprietary cards were obviously made to combat piracy and generate more profit easier.

On the other hand the game cards will be sold at stores for possibly $40 each, which is what gamestop is listing them for right now.

longcat2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

piracy on this console is inevitable.

At least when it happens sony can get some $$ from the cards and accessories that the pirates have to buy.

forevercloud30002684d ago

This image is decieving. They article is talking about Memory Card size but the image is actually of the game cards that they will be putting them on in comparison with a regular Flash card.

I want to see hard facts on the MEMORY CARD. I need to know if I will have to sell my 8gb for my PSP or can I still use it.

Giant_Chibi2684d ago

Indeed. Looking at the ports of the psv, you can see where the game cartridges will go in the bigger slot, while the smaller slot is where the memory cards will go. Judging by the size of the slot, sony will most likely use proprietary micro sd cards. The same type of memory card they used with the pspgo.

Otheros002684d ago

Pspgo did not use micro sd. It uses memory stick m2(micro)

Here is a comparison picture. on the left is micro sd and on the right is memory stick m2

NellyNel_7_1_32684d ago

I am buying the 32gb for my PSV.. I say bigger is better!

antihiroprotagonist2684d ago

I'm a huge fan of almost everything about the Vita...aside from the proprietary data storage, but oh well, I'll pay!

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