Now Till October – EA Goes After Activision “Leaving Nothing Behind”

So the battle’s begun in earnest, then. Activision has held the number one spot in the shooter department for a very long time – years without mention, however EA held that spot first. The firm wants it back. It tried last year with Medal of Honor but that didn’t work, as the game merely sold 4 million copies. Now in other fights, 4 million would be stunning, but in Call of Duty’s playbook, it’s just a baby still sucking its mother’s breast.

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tdrules4249d ago

They're doing well.
EA are making far more mistakes than Activision this year amazingly

movements4249d ago

Yes indeed. And I also think EA's bragging way too much while Activision just remains focus.

Les-Grossman4249d ago

Call Of Duty will still sell more then Battlefield & EA will still wonder why

KingPin4249d ago

they really shouldnt do that.

its a sign of weakness when one talks bad about others instead of good about himself.

"What the wise man seeks in himself, the small man seeks in others" - Confucius

fullymoated4249d ago

They're marketing strategy is to get mentioned every time MW3 gets mentioned. Maybe they're marketing strategy should be to show us some console footage.