Resident Evil vs. Silent Hill: Horror Series Showdown

In recognition of All Hallows' Eve, two of the most storied horror will battle to the death with one another in a last-man-standing Halloween slugfest.

In an attempt to determine the Greatest Horror franchise ever put to disc,, will pit various aspects of the Resident Evil against the Silent Hill series. And then, through various means known only by the darkest, most evil gaming journalists (Aaron Koehn), will record the results and surrender them to you, the malevolent gaming enthusiast, for your wicked amusement.

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Feihc Retsam4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

These games are very much different game types.
Silent hill is paimarily puzzle based, and Resident Evil has a strong focus on the RPG elements as well as the combat.
Yeah, they both scare you, but they are certainly not head to head rivals.

monkey6024877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

Resident Evil and Silent Hill always were and always will be compared its just like nearly every FPS made compared to Halo it just happens even though it shouldntand there isnt a damn thing you can do about it. Oh and I love both of these games but Resi is by far my favourite

n4iru4877d ago

There's not much horror or much of a scare in any of the RE games.
Sure it's got the intense feeling when zombies attack you, and you gotta shoot their brains to neverland, but that's action, not horror.

Anyone that thinks RE is scary should just stop playing games.
It's a great action game and survival game, but scary/horror? No.

If that game would be real I could outwalk those zombies anyhow.

monkey6024876d ago

Ah there are a couple of parts to Resi that made me jump back in the day. Zombies jumping out of wardrobes, Lickers falling through skylights or the dogs smashing through the windows in the first half our of the original resi game, I was a kid when I first played these and they gave me nightmares but I loved the game so much I played through anyway

gololo4876d ago

my first RE that I played was the 2nd one and I was younger and I gotta say it was pretty scary as monkey602 said...also it introduced me to the horror/survival genre...and after that I played every silent hill and re...and came to the conclusion that they are very different games, but silent hill takes the top on being psychedelic and scary, RE has become more survival/action-like game

monkey6024876d ago

There is one thing I can tell you about both games for sure.. and that is that I will be getting both of the new ones when they finally release next year.

hahahabutt4876d ago

R.E was the originator for the PS1. I still remember when the dogs poped out from the windows in the hallway. Scared the heck out of But Silenthill always had the disturbing scary way. So i have to say Silent Hill.

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