Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Duke Nukem Forever [PS3]

Duke Nukem Forever feels wholly like a retro throwback. Its attempt to be more cinematic than it’s predecessor, Duke Nukem 3D, ends with the traditions set by the games of the late 90’s: there’s no cinematic thrill ride, Duke Nukem Forever has you playing every inch of the game, whether it be a challenge or a simple story progression sequence. The two titles that seem to have had the most influence on the more modern presentation of the Duke Nukem 3D gameplay here in Duke Nukem Forever are Valve’s Half-Life and RARE’s Perfect Dark. The story is delivered directly to the player as they progress through the linear level arrangement as with the former, while the arrangement of weaponry within combat has clearly been influenced by the only-when-you-need-it ethos of RARE’s genre redefining works.

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