Halo 4 Trailer: Precursor or Forerunner?

TGE: "Halo is known for its mysterious alien race mythos that it has been building over the past ten years. There are more aliens in it than you can shake an assault rifle at, or can you? Anyway, the race with the most identifiable architecture in the series is undoubtedly the Forerunner. But if you've been keeping up to date on the literature, or surfing the Halo wiki then you've probably run across another race of ancient alien, predating the Forerunner, called the Precursor."

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RedDead2685d ago

Going dark on this game, curious how it will develop. Hope 343 can get their shi* together for this

Convas2685d ago

Possibly both. 343's taking Halo back to it's roots. Mysterious technological wonders, mythological, ancient races, and of course, Master Chief.

SuperStrokey11232685d ago

I was reading the little bit or lore that he gets into, its rather interesting the theories that they have and what not. I hope it alll gets explained at some point or another.

m232685d ago

2012 just got a whole lot more interesting for me.

A7XEric2685d ago

My bets would probably be on it being Forerunner given the architecture of it. But it'd be interesting all the same if some light was shed on the Precursors in this trilogy.