Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Cold New World

PS Blog writes: We hope that you have enjoyed all of the recent Resistance 3 content that has been coming your way over the last few weeks. From the E3 stage demo in tattered St. Louis, to the new multiplayer footage from our Wales Seaside and Colombia Trainyard maps, to cover art created by designer Olly Moss, and various retailer pre-order bonuses, it’s been an exciting time for us to share so many cool parts of the Resistance 3 experience coming to you on 09.06.11.

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Cloudberry3311d ago

I love the graphics & art style.

movements3311d ago

I want this game. I'll have it on day 0!

Ethereal3311d ago

Having played both SP and MP at E3, all I can say is day one....

Convas3311d ago

Ergg. On the fence. The SP looks excellent. Not sure on the MP though.

Oldman1003310d ago


Sully, is that you?!

P.S. LOL at comment 27