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Alice: Madness Returns is the long awaited sequel to 2000’s American McGee’s Alice. The original game was widely hailed for its advanced graphics, its innovative take on the classic Lewis Carroll stories, and great gameplay. Sadly, it looks like 11 years haven't been kind to the Alice franchise.

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Kantor2683d ago

I like the art style, but the game doesn't look very good.

Torillian2683d ago

I'm really sad that the gameplay didn't match the awesome art style, I have a sinking feeling El Shaddai might share the same fate.

bangoskank2683d ago

I played the El Shaddai demo and wasn't feeling it at all. The unique art direction interested me but the gameplay was tedious as hell.

bmw692683d ago

A little disappointing, the game looks great but evidently doesn't have the gameplay to match...