Duke Nukem Forever - Press Start

The King is back baby! Living the quiet life of the biggest celebrity on Earth, Duke is called into action once more to save the babes, and look like a total bad ass while doing it.

The Press Start series puts a spin on the mantra "try before your buy" opting instead for "look before you buy". Get a look at the opening 30ish minutes of a medley of games.

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rmoar2681d ago

Sorry Duke, I'm going to pass.

pungello19882681d ago

I think its really funny that this game actually came out after all those years

Eades2681d ago

Everyone is sorta looking down their nose at this game but I gotta tell you, after doing the Press Start I'm totally on board. This game is fun AND hilarious as your gonna see in the video.

FragMnTagM2681d ago

I agree. I just got it today and i am having a blast. I guess I am one of the few that can overlook slightly dated visuals to enjoy this game.

To me, the game is fun and that is all that matters. Although they do help, graphics don't make the game. Just look at Minecraft for an example. The graphics aren't that great on that game, but it is still a fun game.

TheFodi2681d ago

Duke Nukem Forever is the greatest game ever. Anyone who disagrees with me your opinion is wrong.

pixboy2681d ago

The game is 'okay'... what kepy me playing - The Duke himself! Also, keep the 'Press Start' series coming - I'm loving them all!

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