Crysis 2 Decimation Pack DLC Now Available

Crytek revealed today that a new set of map packs are now available for Crysis 2 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (when the store updates).

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fluffydelusions2684d ago

Are people still playing this?

xYLeinen2684d ago

Tried to play a couple of online matches today, but the only mode people seemed to be playing was team instant action.

BeaArthur2684d ago

I stopped playing about a month ago when the connections were getting pretty bad. Also I would constantly run into the same people night after night.

cochise3132684d ago

No I stopped playing, it's way too unbalanced. Too much cloaking and other nonsense. Great story mode terrible online.

B00M2684d ago

Great story mode? It wasn't great at all, not compared to Crysis 1.

ShadyDevil2684d ago

I wish they were free, damn DLC! Arg. Whatever, still cool that they are supporting it

SockMaster2684d ago

Purchased this game about 2 weeks ago, its fantastic! Im really enjoying it! Much less bullsh*t than black ops and its still P2P connection...

slavish32684d ago

nice. online people still play on 360