E3 2011: Kinect Star Wars fails to electrify Wired

Kinect Star Wars failed to improve on 2010's embarrassing E3 showcase at this year's expo. So much so that Wired are calling their hands-on a 'train wreck'. Unfair? Kapow Games doesn't think so.

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Stuart57562682d ago

It looks terrible, really bad, imagine a Move Star Wars game! That would be good.

a08andan2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Not necessarily; Move would be able to give tactile feedback which could greatly increase the immersion of the game. To feel when your light-saber gets hit, to feel when you slash something etc. A combination between Kinect and Move would be awesome. Kinect for using "the force" and Move for the lightsaber. :) But ofc that combination won't happen as it is now :P

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Kyur4ThePain2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Fel, are you saying Kinect Star Wars looks good?

Fel082682d ago

@ Kyur4ThePain No, I don't think it looks good either, but don't go around saying that if it was a Move game, it would be good. It just makes u sound like a fanboy.

doG_beLIEfs2682d ago

Why Fel? Move has no lag any different than a standard controller, true 1to1 movement in 3 dimensions, BUTTONS, tactile feedback and the Eye can track at 60fps including FINGERS. So you could do a proper Star Wars game with Move and a navigation controller.

I am sorry your precious Kinect is nothing more than an updated waggle waggle without the wiimote. The Move is 10 years of research and development by the FATHER of motion gaming Richard Marks. It is the perfect combination of 60fps camera motion detection technology with precision that neither the Wii or Kinect can do.

Call me a fanboy, I don't care...all I did in this post was state FACTS.

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Nes_Daze2682d ago

Yeah it would be, but as far as Kinect and this game goes, they should've made kinect optional, instead of making a 100% kinect game. Very dumb move,,:(

Stuart57562680d ago

Okay guys, the first time Move was shown E3 '09 (pretty sure '09) Everyone instantly imagined how good it would be to have a Star Wars game that used it, the tech demo even showed a light sabre style weapon, with the blue glow. Microsoft must have seen this and shit themselves, so they secured an exclusive motion control Star Wars deal with Lucas Arts! And look what they've come up with! If Sony made a Move game about boy with a stick that you control and you had to thwack a bully with it, I would rather buy that than Kinect Star Wars!

earbus2682d ago

Day one for me good or bad im in.

Tommykrem2682d ago

No surprise really. The footage shown at E3 looked pretty bad.

Xephon082682d ago

yeah it looks awful and IMO Move would be way better its not like you can' do force with the move controller.

To me the rail part of the game is just so off putting, using a flashlight a windowless room so no one can see you is better

Simco8762682d ago

What a waste... should have been put on Move! I mean come on, it was made for these types of games.... and guess what?!?! It wouldn't be on rails either!

What was LucasArts thinking?

GodofSackboy2682d ago

They were thinking money:

Money = Kinect

Quality game = Move

Sheikh Yerbouti2681d ago

Star Wars is more for the kiddies now than it ever was. Except for die-hard fans like myself, those who actually grew up with the movie have grown jaded. Instead Lucas is after children by making cutesy Star Wars cartoons. A Kinect game will be more suited for them.