Eurogamer: CD Projekt hypes Witcher 2 Xbox visuals

CD Projekt RED aims to make the Xbox 360 version of fantasy role-playing game The Witcher 2 look almost as good as the PC version when played on medium specs.

At the very least, it'll look better than the PC version does on minimum settings, the developer promised.

"The Xbox version is going to look better than the minimum settings on the PC," senior producer Tomasz Gop told Eurogamer.

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2735d ago
TravUK2735d ago

It's crazy how my old rig with an E8400 and 560GTX Ti could only run it at 20FPS on medium yet the 360s now dated hardware will be able to run it smoothly on medium? Guess they must be putting a lot of effort into optimising it!

Ducky2735d ago

Resolution might make a difference.

I'm wondering how they'll manage with the memory limits.

joydestroy2735d ago

only 20FPS!? what are you running it at, max?
you might wanna turn a few things off, mate.

i was getting a solid 60FPS with V-sync on running only one 560 Ti on High settings. with the newest nVidia update and the patches, i run it super smooth with two 560 Ti's in SLI.

TravUK2735d ago

E8400, 560 Ti, 4GB DDR2 RAM, 20fps on Medium with everything off.

Luckily that's not the case anymore as I'm now sporting an i5 with 4GB DDR3 :)

Oh and running it at 1920x1200.

iamgoatman2735d ago

Yeah, your CPU would have been a pretty large bottleneck running with a 560 ti, I remember early last year I still had my trusty E8400 (great processor in it's day) with an ATI 5850 and it was a fair bottleneck back then, so no wonder you were only getting 20FPS.

joydestroy2735d ago

oh yeah, duh the CPU bottleneck =P
glad you got it upgraded to an i5!

Focker4202735d ago

"At the very least, it'll look better than the PC version does on minimum settings, the developer promised."

Ummm thats not saying much. My computer running this on minimum settings makes it look like a PS2 game with the worst frame rate you've ever seen.

Toman852735d ago

I have 1920x 1080p, 50+ FPS and all on Ultra, V sync on AA on, SSAO on. No way I will get the 360 version of the game