Will Warner Bros. go Blu-ray Exclusive?

Warner Bros. has been neutral in the Blu-ray-HD DVD disc war, releasing movies in both high-def formats.

However, that policy may be changing, says a top Warner executive.

Dan Silverberg, Warner's vice president of High-Definition media, hinted Monday at a Blu-ray briefing for the media that the studio might soon endorse Blu-ray.

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predator4871d ago

this could be huge. im still yet to decide who to back.

MonkeyMaan4871d ago

and watch your existing DVDs upscaled :D

The only HD (BR) movie I have Casino Royale, there's nothing out there at the moment which is a must buy for me, still waiting on The Day of The Jackal (1973) to get the whole HD treatment.

Wytche4871d ago

I own a PS3 but only hire most Blu-rays so I'm willing to wait before I make any real format commitments.

But if Warner go exclusive then that will be a major set back for HD-DVD.

Makroyale4871d ago

Whoever Warner backs exclusively is going to win the format war, like it or not.

emaddox844871d ago

Did you not like 300? That movie is awesome on Blu-Ray!

Mu5afir4871d ago

If you are a fan of martial arts movies, then Kung Fu Hussle is a must buy.

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gamesblow4871d ago

I've bought over 21 movies on the format so far and Spiderman Trilogy was the latest. BD is a sure fire bet. I hope WB goes BD only. that's a big win for Team Blu-ray and me.

sonarus4871d ago

well now that hd-dvd has their players priced at 200 dollars in time for the holidays if hd-dvd sales dnt pick up significantly its not unreasonable to think warner might be seeking the quickest way to end the format war and that would be by joining blu ray. Even if blu ray backers have to pay 50 million its not illogical to think so. First and formost we need to see 300 dollar blu ray players by holidays even though ps3's will continue selling blu rays like they have been doing stand alone players will obviously lead to more blu ray player sales

ravinash4871d ago

I hope that Blue ray wins so I don't have to go out and buy a HD-DVD player. Mind you, if HD-DVD do win...I won't bother getting a player.

Hapimeses4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

If Warner go Blu-ray, it seems unlikely the format will lose in the long-term, especially with PS3 support. After all, every PS3 sold brings another potential Blu-ray customer into the market.

Obviously, as a PS3 owner, I would like to see Blu-ray succeed, but nothing looks certain yet, other than the fact that Blu-ray discs are currently selling very well.

Warner could consolidate that lead if it was sufficiently tempted to go with Blu-ray exclusivly. That said, without anything solid, I'll remain in the skeptical camp regarding it ever happening.

nanometric4871d ago

But my pick is still BD!