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The Kinect lineup is heavy with dance, sport and fitness games. Child of Eden is none of these, that’s for sure. There has been a lot of hype around this game, but what exactly is it? Put simply, Child of Eden is a rail shooter built specifically for the Kinect sensor

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callahan092773d ago

Damn, that's a short game! I'm still getting it today, it looks really like a lot of fun, hopefully the replay incentive is there for me.

But 5 levels at 15-20 minutes each and no other modes to play besides? That means you're through with the game in less than 2 hours, and the only reason to go back would be to go for a higher score. And it's been extremely infrequent in recent memory that a game has actually addicted me to go for the high scores. I hope this game turns out to be one of them, or I'll end up wishing I hadn't bought it at full price with so little content.

ActivistBike2773d ago

Oh come on! I was really looking forward to this and Duke.....What happened to the games!?!

Venox20082773d ago

those two games ARE AWESOME! don't listen to reviews..and try yourself

ActivistBike2773d ago

Well I got Child of Eden and not regretting it so far, didnt pick up Duke and decided to transfer the money to Shadows of the Damned.

blackburn102773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Not good. This is the same score I think one of the game magazines gave it. They said it was too short, no depth to it and Kinect controls weren't accurate enough.Too bad, I was rooting for it to be good but it looks like just another below average game. Wait scratch that, where is the review on the site?

fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf2773d ago

I wasn't planning to pick this up, but this is a real shame. I don't understand why it would be so short as it doesn't look like it would be hard to develop levels for it. Having said that it's still clearly a good game, just not worth the full price tag.

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