Rumour: Wii U Can Use More Than One Controller

Games Pundit has managed to find out that more than one controller can be used with the system as well as some additional details from an anonymous source.

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movements2686d ago

God. EVERY console should be able to use more than one.

Active Reload2686d ago

You don't know what makes up the controller of the Wii U. And the Wii U can use more than one controller, just not the one with the big screen at the moment. It probably takes a lot of power to render and then stream stuff to that controller. And if Nintendo has to put something more powerful under the hood to make this happen, then expect for it to cost more for the console.

iforgotmylogin2686d ago

I know its true

"The console is also 2 times more powerful than the Xbox 360 in its current state"

hmmmm thats nice for next gen needs to be a lil bit more powerful though.

DarkCharizard_2686d ago

Its probably 4-5 times more powerful if Nintendo goes with a high end R700 GPU

kudakadere2686d ago

i don't think Xbox 360 care too much about graphical power , they are not making as many hardcore titles anymore so there's less demand for it . On the other hand it may rival the Ps3 but remember the Cells processing power is equivalent to more than a quad-qore

iforgotmylogin2686d ago

well one report said 50% more powerful than the ps3 ad this one says 2x the 360 in its current state.

quadcores now a days are basically slow. an i3 can take on some of the best quads. and system tech of today should have no reason not to surpass the best chips from 6 years ago.

Apex132686d ago

It's 80% more powerful than the 360 and 50% more then ps 3

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mamotte2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I suppose it'll be true if the console is streaming similar things to all controls. Like, the same screen with just small differences like items.

But, streaming four completely different signals to all controls will require a beast of a machine. I mean, 3D gaming is exhausting, and it's two signals with one input. Now, four signals and four inputs shall be really hard to pull out.

fluffydelusions2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I'm interested in finding the truth to all this. TBH I can understand the reasoning behind the one controller since streaming from device to another is quite taxing. Not sure how the Wii U would be able to cope streaming different data to say 4 different controllers. Regardless, interested in knowing more.

eagle212686d ago

I actually think Nintendo is playing coy on purpose. Let's let them speculate.....let them say it's going to be $500, only use one controller, and rivals current gen. Then we will announce it can use multiple controllers, $299, and more powerful than PS3/

krauley2686d ago

"WE"? I hope you have a mouse in your pocket cause i willing to bet you dont work for nintendo.

theredsquire2686d ago

How can this get approved? It's likely GamesPundit are making this up to gain traffic to their website. Scandalous.

Livin_in_a_box2686d ago

No, that's not likely. Maybe my source is lying, I don't know, but this is NOT made up. Getting hits for bogus information is pointless as I have said before when people were accusing the PlayStation Vita name to be fake. If you don't want to believe me then don't, that's your problem.

fluffydelusions2686d ago

"Maybe my source is lying, I don't know"

Time to get more reliable/trustworthy sources.

Livin_in_a_box2686d ago

How do you know that this isn't true? My source said that he has seen this things with his own eyes and is very particular about it so I doubt very much that he is lying.

jacksonmichael2686d ago

@ plbelanger Anyone can lie. And most people do.

theredsquire2686d ago

"Maybe my source is lying, I don't know"

Don't think that counts as a source then.

theredsquire2686d ago

And btw, im not saying it won't get more than 1 controllers able to conenct with it. It most likely will. Doesn't mean you can post stuff like that.

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