Sony: PSN Hack was a “wakeup call” for us

Jack Tretton, SCEA boss thinks that the recent PSN hack served as a “wakeup call” for the entire company.

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Dart892681d ago

This should be a wake up call for all companies.

iamnsuperman2681d ago

Any company that doesn't take this hack seriously are fools. Hackers seem to have a vendetta against the industry right now

INehalemEXI2681d ago

Hackers ...they always hackin.

gamingdroid2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

"If you read the newspaper, you realize that there are companies being bombarded with people trying to hack them all the time. Yet, this was a real wakeup call we had to go through." -Jack Tretton

I don't expect overpaid executives to know, but where is your IT department? It shouldn't be a wake-up call for them!!! If it is, fire them and hire some professionals.

Company networks are scanned at all times. Even NEW servers I just booted up and installed Apache web server get's nasty little logs of scanners within the hour. These scanners scan entire blocks of IP, looking for computers vulnerable and automatically takes over your server.

With a network like PSN, you are infinitely more exposed....

GrandTheftZamboni2681d ago

Well it's the executives who approve budgets. You don't expect the IT guys to tighten the security in their spare time?

gamingdroid2681d ago

The IT department determines what they need for their operation and asks for it. It is their job to convince the higher ups to approve it.

So somewhere along the way, somebody dropped the ball.

If it is a wake-up call to the company, then somebody didn't do their job informing of the real threat especially when you essentially openly challenged the hackers.

miDnIghtEr2681d ago

Ya think Jack? Welcome to the next gen.

Bolts2681d ago

So let me get this right....

1. Sony decided to sue GeoHotz and his hackers pals for their custom firmware. A legal maneuver with little to zero chance of conviction. Hackers vowed revenge.

2. Sony to hackers: Bring it!

3. Well the hackers brought it. They pulled Sony's pants down, bent them across the table for a month long ass raping which resulted in compromised customer's financials, a month long PSN downtime and worst of all...downtime for their beleaguered MMO business unit on the PC.

4. So now Sony Jack Tretton is saying that the situation was a "wake up call", its an industry wide problem and companies are being hacked all the time.

No shit Jack Tretton? You mean there are evil people called hackers who just magically appear out of no where to plague the gaming industry and they hack stuff? Wow!! I wonder what will Sony wake up to next...that customer's data shouldn't be kept on Post It notes!?

radphil2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )


You didn't see the last few articles today then from the looks of things.

No idea where your line of hostility is coming from, but it's unneeded.

Jack-Dangerously2681d ago

I would imagine it being more like someone slapping the taste out of you when you're in the deepest part of your sleep.

I'm still very unhappy with how this was all handled.

But hey hindsight's 20/20 right?

*puts in pacifier* (aka my free inFAMOUS game)