No Portal on Wii, says Valve

Rumours of Valve's mind-bending Portal game hitting Wii are not true, says the developer's marketing man, Doug Lombardi.

"It's an extremely interesting idea, but there's nothing in product - not yet, anyway," he told CVG. Notice how he didn't rule it out completely? And let's face it, it would work on Wii, just a case of getting the engine up and running.

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zonetrooper54504d ago

Well the engine can work on the Wii, the Wii is more powerful than the Xbox 1 so its possible but the graphics will be around mid-low range PC and the physics might have to be dumbed down which would be a shame.

Excellent game though, one of the funnest, orginal and funniest games this generation.

Mikey_Gee4504d ago

I LOVED PORTAL ... gave me a good 4.5 hours of puzzle and mind testing fun.