Cube World: If Minecraft and Zelda Had a Baby

Cube World is a delightful looking game that looks like it has cobbled together bits and pieces from the Minecraft and Zelda games. Development is still early, but it looks very promising.

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Tommykrem2681d ago

If Minecraft and Zelda had a baby it'd look a lot like 3D Dot Game Heroes and sure enough this does, but not THAT much in my opinion.

BacteriaEP2681d ago

Really? I think it looks a lot like 3D Dot Heroes.

The characters even hold their swords in the same manner as the old NES and SNES Zelda games... pointed straight out.

PirosThe4th2671d ago

funny enough is that 3d dot game heroes came out the day minecraft development started...
I say they got really inspired by it :P

Winkle922681d ago

Oh great, another open, cubed world game. This Minecraft craze is getting ridiculous.

BacteriaEP2681d ago

Well I don't believe there is any building or crafting, so, in that sense, it's probably not like Minecraft.

Graphically yes, and it is destructible.

Winkle922681d ago

Haha fair enough. Just seems like all the sudden many developers are trying to shamelessly copy the success of Minecraft with a slightly altered clone. But if they're successful, hey, more power to ya.

Spenok2679d ago

My thoughts are currently set firm in the "meh" stage right now, but ill keep an eye open for better footage and see where this game goes.