CG Monthly Reviews inFAMOUS 2

In the spring of 2009, Sucker Punch debuted their non-Sly Cooper, open world, action-based, super hero title inFAMOUS and it was a success. The combination of a big, three island city and electrical based super powers gave players a large playground in which they could either be the noble hero or revel in some anarchic mass destruction. Either way, inFAMOUS turned out to be a fun, breezy, super powered romp that managed to stay ahead of the pack. Move ahead two years later, and the sequel is here, better than ever, but only slightly so.

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showtimefolks3307d ago

about it it has improved on everything infamous 1 did right i can not wait for the community to create amazing story and platforming missions along with many others

Focker4203307d ago

I've already played some really good ones. There was this one that was a ring race across every section of the entire city. There are some annoying ones though where they just drop you into the middle of 50 guys shooting turrets at you. But overall I've already found some really amazing ones.

showtimefolks3307d ago

i will give it few months for sucker punch to patch anything annoying. also how is the search engine is it easy to find what you looking for i mean if i only want story missions or race mission etc?

hopefully the community will only get better over time