E3 2011: OnLive is growing, whether you've noticed or not (Bitmob)

You might not have ever used OnLive. But if the company's recent showing at E3 is any indication, you might not be able to ignore them for much longer.

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NewMonday3554d ago

didn't take it seriously, but i just installed a service that streams HD TV channels thru the net instead of cable or stalite, it reserves only 2mb from my speed, and it works perfectly.

Bay3554d ago

I think the idea of OnLive would work when the internet can stream lossless video quality without lag, but before then, I think they should just wait.

Unless, of course, they get every single new game on the service.

BeastlyRig3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

idk Onlive work very good for me playing borderlands & according to carmack the latency is not so far of from being like wireless controllers on consoles.

"I've played the OnLive stuff and a lot of people have just enough technical knowledge to count it out for the wrong reasons. When you talk about having a 50ms ping, that does not invalidate the process. One of the points that I make is that if you take a lot of the console games out there, and you're playing with your wireless controller, going through your post-process TV, the games themselves often have multiple frames of latency.
You get an event, you pipeline an animation, and it goes to the render thread and the GPU. A lot of games have over 100ms of latency in them right now. Now it's true that adding latency is always bad, and with OnLive, you're adding a compression step and two transmit steps."

gamingdroid3554d ago

Whatever latency you already have, why add to it?

The fact is that OnLive is dependent on a few factors makes it a no go to me:

- assumes the network is efficient, consistent and stable (the latter two are something it can never be due to the network protocol)
- assumes the company can maintain their servers
- games purchased aren't mine. They belong to the company and when they decide they no longer want to support it... though luck for you!
- what happens if OnLive goes out of business. What happens to the games I paid for.

Sadie21003554d ago

This iPad thing almost makes OnLive like a Wii U...

VampiricDragon3554d ago

how can it be growing when it doesnt make profit?

how can it be gwoing when its a rip off?

It doesnt matter how many blockbuster rental type games it gets

Montrealien3554d ago

By your logic the PS3 is not growing, and the xbox brand never grew when it was running at a loss.

VampiricDragon3554d ago

The ps3 and 360 were never rip offs so people are actually buyng it

Montrealien3554d ago

The fact that you think they are rip offs, does not make them rip offs.

Muffins12233553d ago

its making profit....oh and its not "gwoing",its growing kid....

zeal0us3554d ago

Netflix need to buy them out so they can jump into the streaming video game business

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