E311: Wii U Controller battery life explained (SideQuesting) - Using scientific methods, and by asking a Nintendo E3 booth babe, we've determined the Nintendo Wii U's controller to have a battery life of around 9 hours.

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eagle213311d ago

10 hours (with screen on) would be really nice if this is true.

kewlrats3310d ago

As I noted in the article: this is with the screen on, but nothing streaming to it. I'd imagine that the battery life takes a big hit once actual data is sent to it through wifi, and the rumble, audio & accelerometer are in use.

stragomccloud3308d ago

At the same time though... It's not running any video or audio hardware other than what is required to display through wifi.... Which... leads a lot of room for a pretty large battery!(That's what I hope at least)