CG Monthly Reviews Duke Nukem Forever

There’s really not much to say about the infamous Duke Nukem Forever at this point. Originally conceived by 3D Realms in 1997, the game has passed through the hands of at least two complete engine changes, and three separate developers. An astounding 14 years and immeasurable amounts of angst, hype and scepticism later, the game is finally out on shelves for people to play and the entire saga from 3D Realms to its current stewards, Gearbox Software has ended the only way it could; like the Star Wars prequels, there was simply no way this game could possibly live up to years and years of expectation.

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showtimefolks2772d ago

he said something that is kind of agree with DN will be $20 bucks by august-september with so many other great games coming out

i think it unfair for gearbox and DN franchise to have such high exceptions but i think gearbox just wanted this DN game out of the way so that can make some excellent ones in the coming future

its a must play and i will keep my cop when i buy it new to support gearbox(borderlands 2 can't wait). but i don't think this game is worth full 60