Videogames café opens in Amsterdam

From "Sony has opened a PlayStation themed café in the European capital of sin and vice that is Amsterdam.

Dubbed the Get Together Café, the idea is that anyone bored of beer, drugs, prostitutes, cheap pornography, canal trips and stroopwaffels can head down to Amstel (about a ten minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station) to indulge in spot of casual gaming fun."

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Rama262854868d ago

Kinda cool - needs more games though.

PS. Why is this in the 360 and Wii channel?

DeZimatoR4868d ago

Which they had one of those here in Portugal...maybe soon they will open one :D

SmokeyMcBear4868d ago

smoking a blunt while playing video games... wait.. this sounds familiar

Drano4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Really, who can get bored with all that? Maybe if we COMBINE gaming with all that... Hahahahaha.

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