Duke Nukem Forever Review (GPT)

GPT: "The industry and the fans that follow it would prefer to have the “what if” question in their minds regarding DNF instead of the reality that is a very bad Duke Nukem game. Maybe Duke should stop calling himself the King until he can at least match Serious Sam."

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Raichu502687d ago

Duke Nukem has always been terrible, people get the stick out of your brains

VG_Releaser2687d ago

4 outta 10 is too high in my opinion. How can anyone over the age of 12 enjoy this drivel?

metsgaming2687d ago

i have the n64 duke nukem i could never understand what i was supposed to do. Never liked it plus it was an fps which for those graphics made me dizzy and just sick.

Pozzle2687d ago

If it's any consolation, the N64 version of Duke3d was pretty awful. The conversion to N64 graphics made many of the textures fuzzy/warped to look at and difficult to move around, entire areas were removed from the game, and most of the "naughty parts" (Duke's catchphrases, strip clubs, violence, blood, etc.) were completely edited out.

It barely even resembled the original game.

FragGen2687d ago

I lost a bubble dissing Duke Nukem in the pre-release hype.. PLEASE guys, give me my bubble back! If the review was anything to go by I was right! :)

kennykramer2687d ago

Ouch. I wonder how much of the game was done by Gearbox.

Der_Kommandant2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I enjoyed Duke Nukem Games...

When i was 15