FIFA 12: Details Of The Latest Title For EA's Biggest Franchise

FIFA 11's biggest new features were: injecting personalities into the players and a 360 degree dribbling system rather than ye olde 8 directions. This year we're expecting more tweaks and changes to the FIFA series, but once again nothing too drastic - EA have a super good working formula with this series and they won't want to ruin it now. Though the latest Pro Evolution Soccer was a lot better than previous installments, will this next FIFA lift the cup of success once again?

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pungello19882681d ago

FIFA 11 was pretty good, I'm hoping 12's new engine will be good.

GetoverHere1222681d ago

The Fifa titles have been awesome so far, keep them comin!

Pintheshadows2681d ago

I hope they improve player growth. For example, younger players gaining specialties as they grow.

pixboy2681d ago

I quit years of Pro Evo for Fifa 11. My only concern, the lacklustre AI in Be a Pro. Hope that gets addressed too. All in all... looking good!

Pintheshadows2681d ago

If you're not interested don't click and certainly don't comment. It's not hard. Belljar.